Tea Plus Menu

Dine with us where you will experience the authentic Chinese cuisine through a balance of taste, texture, and fragrances; These core values are reflected in all our dishes, whether it be during authentic breakfast serving dim sum, dinner

  • Steamed Dim Sum Platter ( Roast Pork Buns,  Veg Dumplings,  Siu Mai,  Har Gow)
  • Beef Buns
  • Pan-fried Fish Cake
  • Siu Mai – Shrimp and Pork Dumplings
  • Har Gow – Shrimp Dumplings
  • Shrimp and Watercress Dumplings
  • BBQ Roast Pork Buns
  • Chicken Buns
  • Cilantro Rice Noodles
  • Shrimp & Spinach Dumpling
  • Shanghai Dumplings
  • Fried Dim Sum Platter (Spring Rolls, Pan-fried Pork & Veg Dumplings, Fried Shrimp Balls,  Fried Pork Dumplings)
  • Pan-fried Shrimp & Chive Dumplings
  • Pan-fried Taro Cake
  • BBQ Roast Pork Pastry Puffs
  • BBQ Roast Pork Bun
  • Durian Pastry Puffs
  • Red Bean pastry
  • Coconut Buns
  • Black Sesame Rolls
  • Almond cookie
  • Red Bean Buns
  • Coconut Buns
  • Red Bean Sesame Rolls

Our Menu

  • Milk Tea
  • Green Milk Tea
  • Fruit Tea
  • Hot Milk Tea
  • Snow Bubble Smoothie
  • Yogurt Smoothie
  • Speciality Smoothie


Bubble Tea